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Fifth grade is an important year as we prepare our students for their middle school experience. Our goals are to instill in our students the strategies that are necessary for them to be able to succeed in their academic career. Through engaging instruction and curriculum, we hope to provide a love of learning for all students. We recognize unique learning styles and differentiate instruction accordingly. We set the highest standards for our students and motivate them towards success with every lesson. 

At Central, we strive to promote a love of reading, writing, and mathematical thinking. Curriculum highlights include: non-fiction and fictional reading through whole class and literature circle workshop, Everyday Math, Music, Physical Education, Science, Art-in-Action, and Scott Foresman social studies. In addition, 5th graders take part in Outdoor Education, a weeklong educational trip in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

We believe that an effective partnership between home and school promotes academic achievement and personal success. We are committed to providing the best education for your child as we prepare them for the road ahead. 

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