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Registration FAQ

1. What is InfoSnap/PowerSchool?

This is the process the district (not just Central) uses to allow families to update contact information and student/parent agreements, it replaces paper emergency cards. It also provides families with the ability to donate online to their PTA and SchoolForce.


2. How does the process work?

Parents/Guardians receive one email per each child with a unique code (It's called a snapcode) that allows you to access your child's record.  If you do not complete the form you'll be reminded periodically before the start of school to do so.  Once you complete the form the data is sent to the school.


3. What is a snapcode?

The snapcode is a unique key to each student's information.  You will receive a unique snapcode for each child and must complete the process for each child.


4. What if I have more than one student?

You need to complete the process for each student but you will be able to copy over some information such as emergency contact info.


5. What if neither parent/guardian has received the email?

First, please check your spam or junk email folder for both parents/guardians. If you still do not find the email please contact with the name of your student(s).