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2018-2019 Central SchoolForce Chairs

Aaron & Kirsten Daru

This is Aaron and Kirsten's first year as Central's SchoolForce chairs.  They have two children at Central, twins going into fourth grade.  Please share your SchoolForce questions, comments and ideas with them. They are excited to be working with the Central community to help support SchoolForce and look forward to hearing from you! (Email to reach them.) 


SchoolForce Logo

SchoolForce Donor Appreciation Event - August 26th

Join SchoolForce for a donor appreciation event on August 26th. More information will be on their website! 


How do SchoolForce and the Central PTA work together?

SchoolForce is our district's Education Foundation. It funds critical things like personnel; music; library, science and reading specialists; and the Art in Action curriculum. Central's PTA organizes volunteers to support things like art and music on campus, and funds school programs including assemblies; classroom materials; community-building events on campus; teacher training and supplies. Both organizations work to guarantee that our Central students receive a high quality and well rounded education.  Parents are encouraged to understand the missions of both the PTA and SchoolForce and to support them through donations and volunteer hours.  



In order to maintain the vital programs SchoolForce provides to Central, SchoolForce asks ALL families to make a donation of $1500 per child.  While $1500 is a lot of money, donations can be made monthly and $125 per month for a continued quality education program for your child is outstanding.  

Not everyone can donate at this amount, but if everyone gives what they can, every child benefits.  

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